Pier 1 for You

Today we are all scrolling through the numerous sales that amazon is offering on everything from toilet paper to leather chesterfield sofas. I didn't know how much of a homebody I was until I married Matt and his Amazon Prime account. Early in our marriage, I was so confused one day when he ordered batteries from Amazon. "You can go down the street to the CVS and buy batteries." But what I soon learned is that you don't need to leave your house for these minor necessities 1.) because its usually cheaper on amazon 2.) Prime members get free shipping. Now we use Hello Fresh for our weekly meals, which just means I am perfectly content to never go into a grocery store ever again. The one downfall in ordering things online is never knowing what quality you are getting. While I do read tons of customer reviews before ordering anything, there is always a risk. I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone complain about furniture or decor they have ordered online but then didn't feel like going through the hassle of returning it. There is much to be said for actual retailers and seeing something in person. Brands hold such weight as well. The struggle with so many online retailers are the vague manufacturer information that no one really knows anything about. Its the same as knowing the difference in Old Navy and Banana Republic. I know I can get affordable clothing at Old Navy that might not last more than one or two seasons. However, I know I am going to spend a little more at Banana Republic but have quality pieces that also don't die with the trends. So being a Bargain Hunter, and a faithful Old Navy customer, I have to always challenge my purchases to make sure I am not buying it just because it is a good deal. *Please note this is a challenge I have to force myself to practice and also sometimes ignore. 


With that in mind, I thought about my dining table. Matt and I got married in May, bought a house in April and I bought our dining table in February. I was shopping at Pier 1 for work and found the most perfect table. It was a walnut mid-century mod 96" long dining table that was the floor model for $150. Walking around the store, keeping a close eye on the piece, I sold Matt on the idea and story of us sharing Thanksgiving meals at that table for years and years to come. While I was there, I never once questioned the quality. I was able to inspect it and touch and feel it, but I also didn't feel that I needed to. In my opinion, I have always know Pier 1 to be a reputable company with quality products. So long story short I bought the table, somehow fit it in my dad's mini-van, hoped we found a house where it would fit (bad idea but thankfully worked out for us), and now it is the table where we eat every meal. We have hosted Thanksgiving every year we have lived in our home and countless other parties and family dinners where we sit there all night long. Matt was mistakenly telling people for a long time that we got our table at West Elm, where I imagine it would have been $800-$1000. When correcting him, most people don't even realize Pier 1 sells furniture other than papasan chairs and garden stools, let alone that they could find something that fits their style. What I love about Pier 1 is the fact that they have a little bit of everything, have great sales, offer a trade discount (woop woop) and carry quality products in store and online. Take a lot at the two design boards I included below. Two different design styles: one more traditional and one more bohemian. 

pier 1 design.001.jpeg
pier 1 design.002.jpeg

Next time you are looking to refresh your home, or needing a good bargain on a quality piece, purchase with purpose. Buy something that you can trust to last and get a good deal on it!