Kitchen Reno and Coffee with the Cheslas

When I think of the ideal client, I think of my friends Matt and Ashley. Not only have Ashley and I known each other since we were younger doing cheerleading stunts in my cousin's yard, but we've remained good friends in our adult years. Ashley and her husband Matt are some of the most kind, down to earth and loving people. Their active and adorable boys plus their partnership with local coffee company East Pole, keep them very busy. When they contacted me about being part of their new home layout and kitchen design, I was ecstatic. They purchased a ranch style home with tons of potential in Marietta, GA nestled among their family and friends. A fixer upper indeed, this home was built in the 50s/60s and probably not touched since the 70s. It had boxed in living spaces, dark paneled walls and carpet or linoleum covering up gorgeous original hardwoods. With ideas of creating a U-shaped kitchen, I met them at the house to come up with a plan. See below an image from our starting point.



Knowing Ashley and her superb taste in style and design, it was obvious this project would end up beautiful. However, I wanted to stretch our ideas for the best layout and design for this space... more specifically the kitchen, the heart of the home.  With the help of 3d rendering, I was able to put together some layout options to help visualize their space. With an L shape kitchen and large center island, we were able to accommodate ample storage and surface space. The Chesla's preferred open shelving verses upper cabinets, but I wanted to make sure they also had plenty of pantry space. By placing the pantry and the refrigerator on the ends of the kitchen, we not only visually balance the space, but we also create a transition into the next room without putting up walls. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.42.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 2.08.33 PM.png

The finishes were the easy part. Matt and Ashley had great ideas for the style of their kitchen and I did my best to help steer them in the right direction. It can be overwhelming to imagine the end result, but we all agreed that pairing a beautiful quartz counter, classic subway tile, with white shaker cabinets was a great combination. Then you add in the character with the black matte hardware and industrial sconces and the space is almost complete. 

IMG_6668molly b photography.jpg
IMG_6709molly b photography.jpg
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IMG_6724molly b photography.jpg
IMG_6717molly b photography.jpg
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IMG_6693molly b photography.jpg

For me, seeing this project complete was getting to witness it in action. Levi, Judah and Crews were running in and out of the above images just missing the shot. And when I was in between shots, Levi was requesting that I photograph the "beautiful lamp" and "beautiful rug." Ashley tidying up the kitchen and pulling out her plates and glasses for the open shelves. Matt brewing up some delicious East Pole coffee while the boys pile on the huge kitchen island. This was complete. I love this family and love that they honored me by letting me be a part of this lovely kitchen and home. 

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